Unified Messaging

In today's business environment, communication comes in multiple forms. Voice mail is received for individual users, in general mail boxes, on cell phones and home messaging units. Communications are also sent and received by email to accounts in the office or on the cell phone or free accounts. Faxes remain a method of communication, usually transmitted by paper. Studies have shown that the average professional employee spends five minutes each time they check their voicemail and that this is done 6 times per day. If you do the math, that works out to 30 minutes/day or 10 hours/month, just checking one mail box! Considering all the mailboxes involved with all the communication methods used, this means multiple weeks of productivity per year can gain be gained by providing a more efficient method.

Unified messaging unites all messaging types in your email. You can check in one location and receive your voice mail from multiple sources, fax and email messages. Voice mail messages can be played through phones or sound cards on PC's or PDA. Faxes are sent as .pdf image files that can be view, printed or forwarded. To support the mobile work force, Universal Access is also needed. With universal access, workers can get their email from remote PC's given they have the proper passwords or security clients, providing quick access to the unified messaging mail boxes.


They can also use universal access applications supporting text-to-speech to have email messages read to them over the phone and be able to reply to the email messages with recorded voice. These applications can also allow them to check calendars to verify or create appointments, or access contact information, initiate a phone call or email message. Universal Access to Unified Messaging extends the productivity advantages of Unified Messaging to all knowledge workers on the move.

Excendia™ Office Telephony

Excendia, our hosted universal access solution, provides total mobility through interactive voice access to your e-mail account from any phone, at anytime. Outlook-by-Phone is your fastest and easiest way to access Outlook and increase your productivity while on the road.

Excendia Outlook-by-Phone is a powerful unified communication solution for mobile business people. It gives you interactive voice access to your e-mails, appointments and contacts from any phone, at anytime. It enables you to access and control the information in your mailbox as if you were at your desk. In fact, it is like having your own Personal Assistant working for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.



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