Phone Systems for Office Relocation

An office relocation can spell excitement and invigoration for a company - a new lease [or purchase!] on business life. It can raise morale for employees and generate new interest from customers or prospects. But ensuring positive results can rest largely in the planning and execution of the physical move itself.

Making a plan to move or upgrade your technology, in particular your communications system is paramount in ensuring a smooth transition for your employees and customers. While they all may be excited about the company's change, there will be little tolerance for phones that are not answered, voice mail that is not in service or business that can't be completed.

As you plan for your business to make a physical move, it is the perfect time to consider a 'strategic move' as well. Taking time to re-evaluate your communications systems can lead you to implement forward-thinking technology that makes your employees more efficient and accessible to your customers, and increases the overall efficiency of your operation.

Solutions like Voice over IP, fax servers and phone systems integrated with contact management systems add key functionality to make your business more competitive as you take on your new environment. What's more, eliminating equipment such as fax machines and reducing staff requirements for standard phone answering can reduce the wiring costs and the overall space you require, which help reduce both the cost of your move and on-going cost of operating your business.

Alternate Access offers services to help you plan for your move and make the best of the opportunities it presents.

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