Custom Development for Phone Systems

Alternate Access has expertise in developing custom applications using Software Development Kits that exploit open Application Programming Interfaces for many of the products we carry. Alternate Access has developed and deployed a wide variety of Interactive Voice Response applications that both receive inbound calls and place outbound calls. We have also built applications that allow customers to access information by phone or web. We have developed applications that allow for fax on demand or automatic notifications by voice or fax. Alternate Access has experience combining these solutions in call center environments that trigger screen-pops with customer data that is accessed using Caller ID or IVR input.

Examples of applications we have developed include those for sales prospecting, appointment reminders, delivery notification, call center status reporting, and integration with point-of-sale products.

Our custom application development allows our clients to offer an easy means of customer self service applications and frees employees to take on more substantive work assignments.

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