Contact Centers

For 20 or more years, Fortune 1000 businesses have implemented sales and service centers to centralize inbound and/or outbound calls, faxes and more recently web/email functions.  This approach creates efficiencies by directing communications to the appropriate department, skill set or to employees in a specific time zone, giving customers higher quality access to company resources across a broader spectrum of time.

One of the greatest promises of Converged Communications is the integration of voice and data applications.  Contact center applications need to not only be able to pop-screens, but they ideally pop the screens of each industry’s best of breed point of sale or customer relationship management application.  IVR and Web applications must also be able to access the corporate data in a similar manner.

Today, a small or medium sized business can gain the same efficiencies and economies of scale as larger businesses by employing converged communication solutions in their contact centers whether they are centered on sales, service or support.

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