Phone System and Related Communications Installation and Planning

The planning process for installing a new phone system will always involve looking into existing telephone service providers to determine options based on contracts, trunk configuration, quantity and the costs for local and long distance service.  This investigation necessarily should also be mapped against the new technologies that can offer more efficient trunking from phone companies or convergence of voice and data service over the Internet or private networks to unlock additional advantages.  Frequently it is possible to reduce telephony and data costs through convergence with results of faster and more comprehensive performance.

Voice over IP also affects the internal wiring required which reduces the need for the standard phone closet.  If all voice and data resources are consolidated in the same area, your space is used more efficiently because only one climate controlled secure space is needed.


New system technologies are now offered on smaller systems.  They allow for reduced demand on receptionists for routing calls and the expanded use of direct dial telephone numbers.  Dialing plans and call answering protocols should be part of the initial installation as they can serve to significantly reduce the complexity of doing business.

Finally, all installations should be thoroughly tested prior to porting telephone numbers and cutover.  Alternate Access extends the planning to post cutover for administrator and end user training, and later advanced training for those customers who want to take advantage of the maximum feature set.

Alternate Access offers professional services to help our customers gain as much productivity and efficiency as possible through our pre- and post- implementation planning, installation and training.

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