Case Studies

Our case studies share real customer examples of how businesses benefit from Alternate Access converged communication solutions.  Learn what business challenges companies have faced and surmounted by implementing our solutions.  Each customer approved story will walk you through factors that were the catalyst for change and the results that the customer achieved at the time of the interview.

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Wake Enterprises


Unique Nonprofit Improves Customer Service Perception by 100 Percent by Unifying Communications with a VoIP Solution

Flower Shop Network


Learn how choosing a VoIP solution helped this business enhance customer service and improve employee training

Tipton & Hurst


Learn how this company tied together multiple locations with IP-PBX and VoIP to generate nearly $30K annual savings in personnel.

Geriatric Practice Management


Learn how long-term care physicians used an IP-PBX solution to improve communications.

Matlack Florist


Learn how implementing a 'floating' call center employing IP-PBX, integrated with point of sale software, gave this retailer a competitive edge in a changing market.



Learn how this business improved customer service and sales by centralizing call center operations.

Metro Signs


Learn how this business took control of their call volume by implementing an IP-PBX solution.

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