Headsets and Bluetooth® Headsets – A Smart Choice

Traditionally the word headset evokes two images a telephone operator and a call center agent.  With advancements in technology and wearing styles, those stereotypes are quickly being replaced because everyone from tech-savvy executives to multi-tasking and mobile employees can reap the benefits of using headsets and Bluetooth® headsets.

Headsets allow users to have hands-free, private conversations working in places where using a speaker phone might not be appropriate, such as a cubicle or open sales floor. The headset allows the wearer to multi-task by rendering them "hands free" to focus on other tasks, like writing down minutes or action items directly onto a laptop or PC during a conference call for distribution immediately afterwards. This technology increases productivity by freeing up transcription time and allowing minutes to be distributed directly after the meeting; fast turnaround ensures that information is fresh in everyone’s mind and tasks are completed sooner.

Additional time savings can be gained by allowing employees to move around while on the phone; headsets give employees that freedom. A corded headset can allow an employee to stand up from their chair to stretch (an ergonomic benefit) or bend down to look through their files for an important document while continuing their conversation.

Employees can move varying distances about the office, based on the range of their hands-free or Bluetooth headset. For example, an employee might walk to a file cabinet at one end of the office for an invoice and back to the fax machine at the other end of the office to send off the information, all while continuing his or her conversation, saving time and ensuring the right information gets to the right person the first time.

Another benefit of using a headset is that it promotes a healthy lifestyle. Using a headset is ergonomic and relieves neck and back strain, which can cause fatigue and lead to missed work and decreased productivity. Studies by headset manufacturers have shown that by simply wearing a headset, worker productivity can be significantly increased. In addition to neck and back health, technology has improved to ease hearing strain that might arise from prolonged headset usage.  Noise cancellation and compression technologies in commercial quality headsets make them gentler on a wearer’s hearing and help prevent hearing fatigue or other sound related hearing disorders that can slow down productivity.

Bluetooth Headsets

Bluetooth technology is also making headsets an economical choice. Many of today’s cell phones and laptops are enabled with Bluetooth technology; by purchasing a Bluetooth headset, a user can make a single purchase that will work in the office as well as with a cell phone when they are on the road or with their soft VoIP phone when they are traveling. This diversity makes the headset not only a healthy choice but an economical one as well.

Most importantly, with so many choices in wearing styles and technology, finding a headset to fit everyone’s needs is simple and rewarding.

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