Commercial Quality Headsets

Give the Gift of Quality – Commercial Quality Headsets Are an Investment in your People


It may seem like a small thing – it’s just a headset after all.  But, a headset is an investment in your business and your staff and can have an impact in many areas.  Purchasing a commercial quality headset is one way to ensure productivity, customer service and revenue trend in the right direction.  These headsets use the latest sound technologies to improve the calling experience and help employees make the most efficient use of phone time.


Sound compression technologies are used in commercial quality headsets to mitigate incoming loud tones or line noises like static, hiss or pops before they reach the wearer’s ear.  This allows headset users and callers to be heard in their natural voices clearly and at a reasonable volume.


By eliminating loud and piercing tones, as well as, ensuring that sound quality is constant, headset users are being protected from hearing issues that are caused by prolonged exposure to loud noises.  When a headset does not properly compress sound, the tendency is to increase the earpiece volume which can lead to hearing fatigue and over time, hearing loss.  Additionally, when the volume is increased on the headset, wearers speak louder; as a result, this has a domino effect across the entire department leading to a cacophony of voices and increased background noise.


Ensure Privacy and Accuracy with Noise Cancellation Technology


With HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) and other privacy standards in place, businesses must ensure the protection of their customers’ personal information.  When customers can hear other conversations in the background, they may be hesitant to discuss personal information over the phone believing that everyone in the room could potentially hear them.  Using a quality headset can go a long way to reducing that background noise simply by allowing the wearer to speak and hear at a normal volume level.


Commercial quality headsets also use noise cancelling technology for microphones that aid in reducing other background noise.  Noise cancellation eliminates the ambient and background noise that is typically picked up by the microphones of consumer quality headsets.  By ensuring that wearers can hear clearly and without distracting background noise, companies eliminate some of the issues that can create lost productivity and customer service. 


When employees can hear callers clearly, they can gather the appropriate information quickly and ensure accurate data collection, entry and response to inquiries.  This enables more phone transactions to be completed in a single, efficient call.  Headsets that don’t screen out  background noise cause employees to have difficulty taking down accurate information, require the caller to repeat themselves and may lead to unavoidable increased call time and volume,  culminating in frustration for both parties. 


Like pennies—seconds on a phone call can add up leading to increased hold times, call volumes and phone bills –not the kinds of increases anyone likes to see.  In today’s fast-paced business world, those seconds and pennies could cost companies valuable clients and profit over time. 


Realize ROI with Manufacturer’s Warranties


In addition to the sound technologies they use, commercial headsets are rigorously tested to see how they will function under heavy use in an office setting.  Manufacturers will test all aspects of a headset’s durability and functionality to ensure the best quality product is available.  Not only do manufacturers test their products under the most extreme conditions but, they provide one and two year warranties on many of their headsets which can save money for costly repairs.  Some manufacturers also have trade-in programs so business owners can be sure they always have a competitive edge by using the latest technology.


Remember that choosing to purchase commercial quality headsets is an investment and the choice of a headset should not be based on price alone.  Commercial quality headsets empower employees to provide the best service possible, increase their productivity and ultimately impact the bottom line. 

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