Use Message on Hold to Your Advantage

Let’s face it, in our fast-paced society no one wants to be placed on hold. Yet every business needs to place customers on hold at some point. In fact, more than 70% of business callers are placed on hold. Studies have shown that over half of all callers placed on hold will hang up within 40 seconds to a minute – and approximately a quarter of them will contact the competition. 

Conversely, research also shows that you can use that hold time to your advantage.

Research indicates that callers who hear a combination of music AND information remain on hold for up to 3 minutes longer than those who hear silence while on hold. Reportedly, adding information increases the retention of on-hold callers by 40%, as well as increases the number of inquiries about and requests for products and services mentioned during that hold time.

Message on Hold gives businesses the unique opportunity to inform, motivate and educate a captive audience, and make excellent use of their time. It can serve as one of the most effective direct marketing products you can deploy to inform customers more about your products, services and general business information. Use Message on Hold for announcements, promotions and other uses, such as to:

Increase Sales

Research has shown that callers respond more positively to a mix of on-hold music and informational messages, which, when combined with mention of a company’s products, can result in up to a 35 percent increase in sales.

  • Promote/Share Weekly or Monthly Specials
  • Cross-sell Other Product Offerings
  • Introduce New Products and Services
  • Remind Customers of Little-Known Existing Products and Services
  • Supply Details of Upcoming Contests or Events

Keep Customers Informed

Customers appreciate being kept in the loop. Use your Message on Hold to do just that, informing customers of updates to a variety of business information.

  • Notify Customers of Changes to Business Hours or Contact Information
  • Provide Directions to Business Location(s)
  • Announce the Opening of a New Location
  • Give Billing, Insurance and/or Shipping Information
  • Offer Information on Guarantees and Warranties

Spread Holiday Spirit

These days there seems to be a day to honor everything. Your business may peak during traditional holidays – from Valentine’s Day to Christmas and all in between. Or maybe your staff observes commemorative events like Dental Hygiene Month or Pet Week. Whatever your business celebrates, get customers in the spirit too via Message on Hold.

  • Inform Customers of Seasonal Promotions or Events
  • Entertain Customers During Holiday Times With Themed Background Music
  • Facilitate Public Awareness of Commemorative Events
  • Provide Helpful Tips or Educational Facts to Customers

Enhance Public Relations Efforts

Incorporate Message on Hold into your overall public relations strategy. Take advantage of your captive audience to toot your own horn, to educate callers know regarding your community involvement, or to remind customers how important they are to you.

  • Present a Special Message from the Company’s President
  • Thank Customers for Their Patronage
  • Publicize Recognition or Awards Received
  • Make Public Service Announcements
  • Promote Community Involvement

When creating your messages, keep your own on-hold experiences in mind. Create fun and entertaining messages that also meet your company’s goals, and change messages frequently to keep them fresh and to ensure that regular customers hear a variety of information.

Don’t miss out on the unique opportunity to reach a captive audience that Message on Hold provides. If your current phone system doesn’t allow you to change your Message on Hold, contact Alternate Access to learn about our phone system solutions that will give you that capability. Call us today at (919) 831-1860 or e-mail us at