Talk is Cheap and Fax is Cheaper

While the cost of communicating by phone has been drastically reduced, as long-distance costs have dropped and Voice over Internet Protocol [VoIP] usage has skyrocketed, it has never been cheaper or easier to send a fax.

Why with the pervasiveness of e-mail, you wonder, do people continue to send faxes?

Fax as an industry is actually experiencing double digit growth and looks to remain strong for the next several years. Ever since facsimile transmissions were accepted as legal documents, the fax machine has been a necessary and treasured component of business communication. Fax still plays a major role in business communication, particularly when structured forms, drawings and signatures must exchange hands.

Fax server appliances bring together the best of all worlds, since they operate without paper and ink, don’t have to have to be deployed throughout the business, and don’t require a windows-based server. All these aspects come to play to ease the time and cost for installation and for ongoing maintenance.

If those reasons do not have you convinced, following are six more reasons you should tune up your fax solution by implementing a fax server.

Top Six Reasons to Tune up Your Fax Solution

1. Ensure Confidentiality—Faxes can arrive directly to the desktop of the department or individual for whom they are meant. HIPPA compliance, legal documents, personnel information and monetary contracts illustrate documents that require confidential care.

2. Increase Productivity—Do you ever spend time standing around a fax machine waiting to send or receive a document? By sending or receiving at your desktop, walk and wait times are drastically reduced and multi-tasking remains in play.

3. Save Money—Whatever the size of your business, you will realize cost savings on paper and ink, as well as maintenance of a mechanical device or devices. The more fax intensive your business is, the more you save.

4. Increase Control—By having the equipment in your office, you can ensure your information is delivered immediately and consistently. A downside of hosted fax services can be delays in both delivery time and communication of interruptions in your service. And pay-for-usage means that costs continue to mount and never stop. With your own fax server, you can feel confident that each fax rapidly reaches its intended destination. You can also take action quickly if there is any interruption of service. Return on investment is fast, and you own the asset.

5. Support Remote Workers—More and more companies are altering employee work hours or implementing telecommuting to combat the rising costs of business operations while increasing employee morale. Using a fax server ensures that employee productivity does not suffer and work is not interrupted when staff members are working from home or other locations.

6. Go Green—As businesses become more energy efficient and waste conscientious, a fax server is one more way to assist in the reduction of electrical and human energy – and it can dramatically reduce paper and ink waste as well. So make your move to a fax server and get on board to save our planet!