Don't Become a Victim of Toll Fraud - Ensuring Password Protection

Industry reports have recently indicated a rise in the number of incidents of systems being hacked. The most frequent scam has occurred via a phone call from someone claiming to be from a phone system provider. The caller asks for the system password, and then uses it to access the system and place outbound long distance or international calls – resulting in expensive charges on the company’s phone bill.


Don’t become a victim of toll fraud. Neither Alternate Access nor its vendors will ever call you asking for your password. Implementing the tips outlined below will help guard your system against these malevolent practices.

In 99% of cases, unauthorized access is gained through insecure (easy-to-guess) passwords, such as ones that contain your extension number, consecutive digits [1234] or repeating digits [5555]. Select a password that is EASY for YOU to remember but not easy for others to guess.

To ensure passwords are secure, your administrator may enforce strict password rules, forbidding certain digit strings like the ones just mentioned. Another layer of security can be added by locking out a user after three failed login attempts. Your system administrator would then have to reset your password.  Finally, a routine system security audit will expose any passwords that do not meet security standards.

Another way to safeguard voice mail boxes from unauthorized access is to make sure that passwords are changed frequently. Your system administrator may configure your security settings so that passwords expire at regular intervals [usually weeks or months].

For TeleVantage customers, all of these security settings can be accessed and enforced by logging into the TeleVantage administrator and making the adjustments under Tools > System Settings > Passwords. By making your passwords more secure, you can dramatically increase the security of your TeleVantage system against toll fraud.

Remember Alternate Access and its vendors will NOT contact you for your password. If someone contacts you claiming to be from your vendor and requests your password - DO NOT GIVE IT TO THEM. Hang up the phone and immediately report the incident to your administrator. If you have given your password, contact your administrator immediately so they can alert your co-workers and take the appropriate action to safeguard the system.