Using Monitor, Coach and Join as Training Tools

Do you need to train a new call center agent on the proper way to handle an incoming call?  Or, perhaps an experienced salesperson has started to pack too much into a sales call. In either case, your TeleVantage VoIP phone system offers valuable training tools in the form of the Monitor, Coach and Join functions.


These functions allow calls to be monitored and joined with varying permissions. They are usually used by a manager to supervise another user or by an operator to briefly join someone's call to announce an issue that needs immediate attention.


Monitor allows a supervisor, with permission to monitor calls, to listen in on another user’s calls without being able to participate in the calls. The other parties on the call have no knowledge that the call is being monitored – making this function a great tool for employee training or for use in a call center to ensure that agents are following the correct protocols with each incoming call.


The Coach and Join functions take the training aspect a step further. By using the Coach feature, the supervisor can monitor the calls and also speak to the second internal user while remaining unheard by the external party on the call. As a training tool, the Coach function allows the trainer to give advice to the trainee or authorize an exception during an active call without disrupting the call.


The Join function allows the user to join the call as a full participant – being heard by all parties. Essentially, the user creates a conference call by inviting him or herself into the active call.


Since TeleVantage is so flexible, managers can quickly monitor extensions by either selecting the functions in ViewPoint or by using the handset (by pressing a few buttons). In addition, managers can quickly switch modes in the middle of a call. This ease of use is extremely helpful in training or call center settings.


Each feature is available to a user only if that user has permission to use that command and the second user is configured to allow being supervised with that command. Your system administrator sets permissions on whether you can use these commands and which users' calls you can supervise, if any.

For more information on supervising calls, refer to Online Help in ViewPoint.


Note: You cannot use this feature to supervise ACD workgroup calls.