IP, Wireless, Cordless, Conference and Legacy Phones

From desk sets to high quality voice conferencing telephones, we can provide the solution to meet your business need and your budget.

We carry products suitable to commercial offices, call centers, warehouse environments and remote offices. We support a variety of telephone models to accommodate their particular environment and your business needs. Phones incorporate digital Caller ID displays, programmable function buttons, message waiting lights, full-duplex speaker phones and headset options.

If your needs are more specific to call centers or remote offices, our Voice over IP telephone sets may fit the bill. VoIP handsets are now main stream and include full duplex speaker phones, display phones and those that are headset ready. VoIP sets can be wireless and use your company wireless access points.


Alternate Access is your one stop shop for Analog, ADSI, Cordless, Digital and VoIP phones. Whether you are seeking a phone for office or warehouse space, cubicles or a conference room, Alternate Access can help you make the appropriate choice.

An Alternate Access representative can help you select the appropriate telephone equipment for your business applications.

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