IVR Systems (Interactive Voice Response)

Successful implementation of Interactive Voice Response applications requires telephony severs, telephony interface boards, an Application Development environment, Application Design, documentation, testing and deployment. Alternate Access has experience in all areas of IVR development. We have successfully deployed applications that not only use touch tones for input, but have also implemented automatic speech recognition. As output, we used both recorded speech and natural sounding text-to-speech, using the industries most powerful engines.

Alternate Access can provide some or all of these IVR components to customers.

Whether you are an application designer or end-user, Alternate Access offers the complete line of Dialogic Voice boards. These boards can be used for applications requiring as few as 2 phone lines and scaling to applications requiring thousands of phone lines. These boards are ideal building blocks for developers building cost-effective, highly scalable, voice applications for telephone networks or the Internet. The boards are categorized as the following:

  • Small System Voice Boards
  • Small System Voice Boards with Resource Sharing Interface
  • Small System Voice Boards with PBX-Specific Interface
  • Large System Voice Boards
  • Large System Boards with PBX-Specific Interface
  • Large System Voice Resource Boards
  • VoIP Media Gateways

Do you need an Industrial PC server that is capable of meeting the strict requirements for mission critical uptime? Alternate Access provides passive back plane industrial servers that have up to 20 slot positions, with redundant processors, power, fans and RAID disk drives.

Alternate Access' technical team will assist you in the selection process to help insure you purchase the correct system boards and boards to meet your intermediate and long-term requirements.

When you purchase boards through Alternate Access, you will always get brand new boards with a full manufacturer's warranty. We also offer comprehensive technical support when you purchase your boards as well as access to drivers and updates.

The Computer Telephony Applications Development Environment

The Computer Telephony Application Development Environment (CT ADE) from Syntellect® can be used to build your own Computer Telephony applications. The tool kit supports Interactive Voice Response (IVR) applications using either a graphical or scripted user interface. CT ADE is a set of development tools and run-time environments that help shorten your time to market-and your time to revenue-by allowing you to build robust, portable CT applications quickly and easily.

Syntellect CT ADE™ is a third party engine for Advanced Automatic Speech Recognition, and Natural Sounding Text-to-Speech. It is also ready with multiple international languages to prepare our customers for operating around the globe. CT ADE supports the popular Dialogic product line of Telephony Interface Boards and Host Media Processing software. CT ADE also supports unlimited scaling because it writes on top of Dialogic drivers and insulates the developer from needing to know the specifics of the telephony interface board being used.

Syntellect CT Connect™

CT Connect call processing server software provides connectivity between telephone systems (e.g., PBX/ACDs and desktop phone sets) and computer systems (e.g., desktop applications and customer databases), enabling applications to control telephone calls, receive call events, and track call activity. This computer-telephone integration (CTI) functionality is the foundation of key customer care applications such as screen pop, preview dialing, intelligent call routing, workforce management and click-to-talk.

Computer Telephony Application Development Environment (CT ADE)

CTADE is a set of development tools and run-time environments that help shorten your time to market and your time to revenue. The Syntellect CT ADE™ environment offers System Software and Software Development Kits (SDKs) that include device drivers, APIs, and utilities for Dialogic® boards and related communications systems products. Together, these software components provide call processing development environments. Packages are suitable for implementing robust and richly featured converged communications and computer telephony (CT) systems that can reside on premises or in the telephone network.

Syntellect offerings include legacy Envox® products.


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