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Alternate Access offers premise-based and hosted IP-PBX solutions for businesses across a wide variety of industries. These solutions deliver unprecedented communications capabilities to companies. Because we recognize that businesses differ in their communication requirements, operating procedures and budgets, we offer a variety of solutions for the SMB market space and help customers identify the best-fit product to meet their needs. The rich and flexible software feature sets these solutions offer make them easy to customize and to administer, allowing businesses to immediately improve customer service and boost staff and management productivity.

Alternate Access is an authorized reseller of and currently offers the following systems in its product line. Click on the highlighted product name for more information. 

3CX Phone system

Fonality trixbox® & PBXtra

Open Standard Full Featured Microsoft Windows Based IPPBX System

A Hybrid-Hosted Phone System for SMBs


Wave IP 500 and 2500

A Feature-Rich Phone System that Grows with Your Business

A Path of Legacy Phone Migration

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3CX PHone System

3CX Phone System is an open standard Windows-based IP PBX that provides superior features and flexibility at a far lower cost and replaces traditional PBX hardware phones. It supports popular SIP phones, VoIP providers and traditional PSTN lines. 3CX Phone System's web-based management console makes it easy to configure, eliminating the need for expensive maintenance.

3CX Phone System includes a client (available for Windows, iPhone and Android) that makes call control, conferencing and other unified communications features a breeze. Users can manage their extension and their calls with just a few mouse clicks and avoid using a cryptic phone interface. What's more, you can log in to 3CX from any computer or smartphone to see the status and presence of other users from your office and any bridged offices around the world.

3CX Phone System includes an iPhone and Android client that allows you to make and receive office calls on your iPhone or Android smartphone from anywhere. Save on telecommunications costs by making internal office calls free of charge, and keep your mobile number confidential by using the office caller ID. Never miss that all important call by answering calls made to your office extension from anywhere.

3CX Phone System is available in several editions based on the number of simultaneous calls (internal & external) your company makes. Upgrades are activated instantly with a license key - there's no need to reinstall 3CX Phone System. A detailed feature comparison table can be found here.

3CX Phone System

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TeleVantage® IP-PBX Phone System

As small and medium-sized businesses grow, they often struggle with phone systems that cannot grow with them. TeleVantage is especially a good fit for businesses with requirements to automatically record all calls and/or to integrate cell phones transparently into the system. Built on the Windows 2003 Operating System and open-application programming interfaces, TeleVantage provides great value for your money, while safeguarding your investment for the future. The TeleVantage ViewPoint desktop provides a PC graphical user interface for users to more efficiently handle call transfers, conference calls and check voice mail. TeleVantage has the most flexible GUI interface for both professional and non-technical phone system administrators in the industry. For the system administrator, who can now easily be in-house it simplifies the tasks of generating management reports, and making moves, adds and changes, with a few clicks of the mouse. TeleVantage unlocks the hidden potential inside your phone system because it is intuitive. Its MS Outlook look and feel add familiarity and comfort to your staff enabling them to be more responsive and productive in their communications.


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The trixbox® and PBXtra

The trixbox and PBXtra products offer an excellent communication strategy for companies with workers who spend the majority of their day at their workstation. The Heads Up Display (HUD) lets your staff know the status of other employees in the business via dynamic presence management and provides several methods of communicating with other staff voice, voice mail, text messaging to cell phones, chat, and e-mail all right from the HUD. Built on market-proven commercial technologies, trixbox Pro by Fonality is an affordable communication solution that is easy to use and manage, scalable, reliable, and delivers enterprise-class features. The trixbox Pro solution supports branch locations, home workers, and even workers on the road; and, it comes in Enterprise and Call Center models to give SMBs large company capabilities at a small company price. It also gives SMBs the ability to save money by utilizing VoIP service providers and conducting conference calls in-house instead of using expensive third party providers.

Its hybrid-hosted approach gives companies the best of both worlds autonomy in administrating their phone system while ensuring that up-time, new releases, software updates and remote support are readily available 24 hours per day, 7 days a week.


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Wave IP 500 and 2500

Alternate Access now offers a migration path for users of Comdial, Vodavi and other traditional phone systems. These customers can move to the new Vertical Wave™ IP-PBX that boasts advanced "Applications Inside™." For Comdial and Vodavi customers, the migration allows a low cost of entry because the system can reuse existing Comdial and Vodavi phones, phone lines and inside cabling.  

Wave customers will gain the flexibility of IP telephony and productivity benefits from the state-of-the-art desktop ViewPoint, administration applications, and the ability to automatically record all calls – all standard with the Wave IP-PBX. Wave IP-PBX has "applications inside" including an optional fax server, Interactive Voice Response (IVR) application interface, VoIP trunking, VoIP phones and contact center capabilities that will give users all the tools they need to perform at a world class level.

Our digital station boards also provide a migration path for customers of existing Avaya, Nortel, Siemens, NEC and Toshiba systems to enjoy the benefits of converged communications.



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Alternate Access offers professional services to help our customers plan implementation of VoIP phone systems and their migrations from older platforms to minimize business interruption and costs. Our 360 degree customer centric approach to implementation and support means we work with our customers to assist them in selecting the solution that best meets their needs and offer comprehensive customization, user and administrator training and on-going support and consulting.

Our objectives are to help our customers reach optimum productivity and communication capability appropriate for their business and to gain a competitive advantage in their industry.


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