Fax Servers

In spite of email and express mail, Fax communication remains a critical method of communication for all businesses. Just recall the number of times contracts, agreements, configurations, purchase orders and other documents are sent to users who must "sign and fax back".

A fax server allows these documents to be received at the desktop, automatically filed electronically and distributed to the necessary parties. The fax server also enables users to improve productivity by sending documents directly from desktops to single users or distribution lists. Fax servers solutions streamline operations and provide management with a chain of custody and reporting for fax transmissions.

Alternate Access offers a complete turnkey solution for desktop faxing, and Fax-on-Demand. Our solutions include state-of-the-art fax software, fax boards, and rugged industrial PC servers.


With a fax server solution from Alternate Access, sending and receiving faxes can be paperless, simple, fast and automatically documented. If your business has been relying on traditional fax machines, it's time to understand how a fax server solution can help reduce costs [labor, paper, and toner], improve productivity and enhance customer service.

A fax server can either be hosted or located on premises. Alternate Access consulting services are in place to help our customer determine which type of implementation is best for them.

Multitech FaxFinder™

The FaxFinder® fax server is a turnkey solution that connects to an analog port of a PBX, capable of DID to DTMF conversion. It converts faxes to PDF or TIFF files allowing you to receive faxes wherever you are as e-mails and send faxes from any application that can print. The solution provides distributed faxing capabilities, over a WAN, from a corporate office to small remote offices as well as to field sales people. In addition, it provides secure, convenient faxing for LAN users offering a high degree of privacy for both the sender and recipient.

FACSys® Fax Server

The FACSys Fax Messaging Gateway from Solgenia is more than the industry's leading fax server solution. It's the only fax messaging platform designed to integrate the full range of workflow processes and tools across the enterprise. FACSys enables you to integrate fax, e-mail, voicemail, workflow management, imaging and database resources into powerful business solutions that boost productivity and extract maximum value from your corporate information assets. By adding FACSys to your environment, not only will you eliminate the inefficiencies of manual faxing, you'll fully exploit all the investments you've made in your company's information infrastructure.

Dialogic Telephony Interface Boards

Dialogic is now the world's largest manufacturer of Fax and Telephony Interface Boards. Boards are designed to connect to Analog, PBX Integration, T1/E1 or VoIP circuits from phone companies, ITSPs and PBXes. Dialogic offerings include legacy Eicon, Cantada and Brooktrout boards.



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