Phone Systems for Executive Search Firms, Staffing Agencies and Recruiters

When it comes to business resources, the "human" kind can be both the most important and difficult to find. The right telephone system enables executive search firms, staffing agencies and recruiters to better serve as a communication lynch pin between a client's specific need and the right individual to match that need. For more than a decade, Alternate Access has been Recruiter at Executive Search Firm Performs Reference Check Using VoIP Telephone Systemempowering recruiters in NC and surrounding states with phone systems that offer a competitive advantage.

We have found that recruiters in NC spend up to 80% of their workday on the phone – either in the office or on the road. That makes the telephone system a critical asset.

Conference calls, phone interviews, reference checks, contract negotiations and debriefings keep recruiters busy at executive search firms and staffing agencies. A VoIP telephone system can help recruiters reduce the amount of time spent on the phone – closing business faster and leaving customers satisfied.

Whether you are an NC-based IT executive search firm, healthcare recruiter or temp staffing agency, a telephone system and related communication tools from Alternate Access ensures your company is accessible to both important clients and candidates. In addition, a VoIP phone system can help increase recruiter efficiency and decrease staffing agency operational costs.


VoIP Phone Systems Save Staffing Agencies Real Dollars

While VoIP yields savings on long distance phone calls, those costs are but a small part of the overall hardware, service and human resource savings that can be realized by implementing a VoIP phone system.

Alternate Access has provided phone systems for executive search firms and staffing agencies in NC and neighboring states that:

Staffing Agency Interviews Potential Job Candidate

  • Save on cabling infrastructure and installation time.
  • Save on support costs with an administration interface that allows them to perform simple moves, adds and changes.
  • Reduce the cost of establishing a local presence by porting numbers with remote area codes rather than using 800 numbers for those long-distance connections.
  • Use Direct Inward Dial (DID) numbers to minimize transfers and get clients to the right person directly.
  • Keep the pulse on staff productivity using call logs and management reports; then apply employee coaching or call routing adjustments where necessary.
  • Increase quality control within the company by implementing call recording – ensuring accuracy in gathering candidate specifications and the ability to share reference feedback including the tone of the reference.

Telephone Systems That Deliver Results for Executive Search Firms and Staffing Agencies

Eliminate Costly Telephone Tag. Ask Us How.

Take important return calls the first time. Recruiters at staffing agencies and executive search firms benefit from telephone system features like call announce and call routing, which reduce the amount of time wasted playing phone tag with reference checks, important clients and top candidates.


Receive Calls Wherever You Are Via One Phone Number. Ask Us How.

Why stay tied to your desk awaiting a client’s decision? Let your telephone system route your calls to follow you. Clients need only dial a single phone number, saving them the time and frustration of tracking you down. The phone system then locates you, allowing you to take calls whenever and wherever you are available – whether in the office, in NC or across the country.


Capture the Details of Critical Phone Conversations. Ask Us How.

Staffing Agency Recruiter Uses VoIP Telephone System Call Recording Feature to Capture Details of Client Job Specifications

Have the phone system do the note taking so you can better engage callers. Executive search firms, staffing agencies and recruiters can use the telephone system’s call recording feature to capture details of a job specification, contract negotiation, candidate interview, reference check or staff meeting action items.


Forward Voice Mails via E-mail. Ask Us How.

When callers leave messages in your voice mail, you can rest assured that you will receive them no matter where you are. Simply have your telephone system automatically forward voice mails as an e-mail attachment for easy retrieval from your laptop or smart phone whether you are home or out of town.


Minimize Client Wait Time. Ask Us How.

Route calls to the specific recruiter needed, minimizing on hold delays for clients. Implementing call routing with a VoIP phone system helps executive search firms and staffing agencies keep customers satisfied by ensuring they reach the correct person each time, whether you prefer using an auto attendant, having a receptionist, or allowing recruiters to answer calls.


Use Text Messaging to Connect Quickly. Ask Us How.

Reach candidates or staff members – whether in NC or across the nation – instantly with text messages via our Courtesy Text™ solution. Send new job reminders to reduce no-shows, indicating start date and time. Or alert recruiters of last-minute meeting time changes. Learn more here.


Save Voice Mails Permanently for Easy Access. Ask Us How.

Save voice mails along with faxes and e-mails in a single client folder for organized archival and easy retrieval – freeing up your recruiters’ time for more important tasks.


Save Money and Ensure Confidentiality via Electronic Fax. Ask Us How.

Paper faxes are so yesterday. Make the switch to a fax server, and send and receive faxes electronically directly from the desktop. Ensure client and candidate confidentiality by having the fax routed directly to the intended recruiter. Forward faxes easily via e-mail as neededExecutive Search Firm Recruiter Receives Candidate Resume Via Electronic Fax. Or, store faxes electronically to the appropriate customer or candidate file on your desktop via a few mouse clicks. Enjoy all these benefits, plus eliminate the cost for toner and fax paper.


Let a VoIP telephone system help make your executive search firm or staffing agency the most responsive client service provider in your area and ensure the calls keep coming to your recruiters.


Find the Phone System to Meet Your Executive Staffing Firm or Staffing Agency Needs

Alternate Access matches the right VoIP telephone system to the needs of each NC-based executive staffing firm or staffing agency with which it works. Not only will our phone systems meet your current needs, but they provide flexibility to meet future needs as your firm or agency grows.


Our variety of VoIP phone systems for executive staffing firms, staffing agencies and recruiters include:


AastraLink Pro 160 – An Entry-Level Phone System Delivering the Power of VoIP to the Small Executive Search Firm or Recruiters


Fonality trixbox® and PBXtra – A Hybrid-Hosted Phone System for the Small or Medium-Sized Staffing Agency


TeleVantage® – A VoIP Phone System that Takes Advantage of Unique Call Center Capabilities for the Staffing Industry


Wave IP 500 and 2500 – A Migration Option for Recruiters on Comdial or Vodavi Phone Systems


Use Courtesy Text™ for Immediate Communication with Candidates, Clients

When you need to reach an executive search candidate or recruiter immediately, use Courtesy Text to do so with the press of a button. Alternate Access enables firms in NC and beyond to cut through the clutter of contact information and eliminate the frustration of tracking down candidates, clients and employees by providing a point-to-point method for reaching them.


Directly from your staffing agency computer to their pocket or purse — wherever their cell phone is stored — you can get your message to intended recipients and enable them to respond in minutes.


Examples of time-sensitive messages you might send include:Staffing Agency Management Uses Courtesy Text to Update Staff on Meeting Date Change Via Text Message


  • John, I have an urgent job opportunity to discuss with you. Please contact me ASAP.
  • Jill, can you start your new job assignment in Raleigh, NC on Friday? Reply with "Y" or "N" to confirm or deny.
  • URGENT: Our meeting time has changed from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m.
  • Mr. Smith, I just interviewed a new candidate in NC with a unique skill set that would perfectly match your company. Call me for more information.


Courtesy Text lets you send your important message to one or many people, concisely and effortlessly, as a text message to their cell phones. Messages are composed and managed from a database application on your executive search firm or staffing agency computer and sent straight to targeted cell phones.


Learn more about Courtesy Text.


Learn More About Phone Systems for Executive Search Firms, Staffing Agencies and Recruiters in NC. Contact Alternate Access.