Phone Systems for the Real Estate Industry

Whether you are a developer, architect, realtor or contractor, as a real estate professional, your business depends on building relationships and meeting the needs of your clients. The sales process requires accessibility as does the development and up-fit process. Missing the smallest detail can spell disaster for a project and being unreachable can stall a project or create an impasse in closing a deal.

Alternate Access provides phone systems that ensure that when you are available to take a call, you can be reached regardless of your location. And depending on the model, if you need to transfer back to the office, you can do so from any phone without having the caller hang up and re-dial your office. 

Capturing details with call recording lets you concentrate on the conversation, and leave the "note taking" to the phone system. Finishing up a conference call? Why not record the agreed upon ‘to do’s and e-mail that recording to all parties on the call.

Property management requires equally prompt response time and quality communication to avoid or quickly address maintenance issues that may come up at any time of day or night. Direct access to maintenance personnel and the ability to prioritize calls and messages can make all the difference in building upkeep and tenant satisfaction. And when you are unable take a call, you need the security of knowing that your phone system will handle it efficiently and professionally, 24 hours a day.

You can rest assured that your valued clients and customers will receive the best service every time they call, a distinction that will keep them coming back, as well as referring their friends and colleagues.

Phone Systems for Commercial Real Estate

As a commercial broker, keeping in touch could mean the difference between a signed deal and a missed opportunity. Staying organized while on the road and quick access to important communications is vital to your business. Converged communications can give you the edge over your competitors.

Phone Systems for Residential Real Estate

As a residential realtor, being available is your number one priority in communications but you should never have to give out two or three phone numbers for customers and force customers to track you down. Why not get immediate notification when someone passes by one of your listed residences and dials the contact number? Better yet, if you’re available you can receive and take the call.

Your clients depend on you for up to date information regarding their deals. Our stand-alone Courtesy Text product even lets you send quick messages to clients to alert them when a promising property has come on the market. Imagine checking a single voice mail box, knowing when VIP customers are calling and giving out a single phone number. Learn about your new reality.

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