Phone Systems for the Legal Industry

As a legal professional, quality communication with your clients, judges, and other attorneys andprofessionals is critical to your success.Attorneys can minimize time spent on trivial, yetnecessary tasks such as record keeping and client phone tag andmaximize productivity of clientcommunication, case management and billable time tracking. By increasing customercontact efficiency and call handling andmaximizing secure, organizedaccounting of phonecommunications, this solution becomes a strategic asset to the growth and success of your firm.

Lawyer Uses Uses Integrated VoIP Phone System to Automatically Log Phone Time in Billing

Open Systems technology lets your phone system work with the widest variety of options. You can choose the phones that best meet your needs, from high-end speakerphones for call conferencing to cordless headsets to ensure privacy and efficiency. You can match the type to meet the employee's needs -- whether they are a partner, paralegal or administrator. The following applications of our phone system solution can have a direct impact on the productivity and profitability of your firm. 

Presence Management

Presence Management increases communication between workers even when they're not on the phone. Personal statuses such as "Available," "In a Meeting," and "On Vacation" inform your team of your location and availability, while the Extensions View shows who's currently in the office or on a call.

Automatic Record Keeping

Our IP-PBX solution works with select Time and Billing software. This enables timekeeper billing to be captured automatically, without the cost of inconvenient, manual paper trails.

Integration with Case and Practice Management

Our IP-PBX solution allows phone numbers to be shared with select case management applications so that contacts can be dialed automatically for outgoing calls, and incoming calls can "screen pop" the associated contact, phone or case record when calls arrive.

Improve your Return on Legal Technology Investment. Here’s how:

  • Enjoy wide variety of specialty phones and headsets.
  • Take advantage of new VoIP phone service to reduce long distance costs.
  • Preserve investment through software only upgrades.
  • Over time, realize increased value of call logs, call recordings and other data collected.

While you’re improving your phone system, why not make your fax transactions more productive, cost effective and sensible as well? Fax Server technology enables you to direct faxes to the individual for whom they are intended without wasting time or paper. They can be archived or forwarded like e-mail too. Learn more about Alternate Access Fax Servers.

Alternate Access offers LegalProfitCenter™, its trademarked solution that enables law practices to increase billings, improve staff productivity and boost client confidence. 


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