Phone Systems for Healthcare and Wellness

The healthcare profession is constantly under pressure to streamline itself, to reduce costs, and to improve quality of care. This is reflected in a report, by the US Health and Human Services Department, which states that the use of computers in the health care industry could decrease medical mistakes by 95%.

Communication technologies integrated with computer applications can reap large benefits for medical practices prior to, during and after patient care. Your telephone system is a lifeline, both for your patients and your practice. You want to provide the best service to your patients, allowing them to reach you in an emergency and making sure all calls are handled promptly, but you also need to be in control of your time and your office's operation. Today's medical practice needs the security of a versatile telephone system that provides the most advanced and most reliable connections for patients and staff, any time of the day or night. 

HIPAA Requirements Make Fax Servers Key to your Communications Infrastructure

With more and more healthcare providers using electronic medical records (EMR) and electronic data interchange (EDI), standards were put in place through the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) to ensure privacy of protected patient information. Implementing a fax server can ensure that important patient information remains secure and is delivered directly to the intended party. No more standing by the fax machine to wait for a fax from a patient. Fax servers also allow for information to be routed quickly to other recipients that might require the information.

In addition to physician’s offices, other healthcare professionals can also benefit from converged communication solutions. Our customers include chiropractors, dentists, dermatologists and orthodontists. Alternate Access has a converged communication solution to meet the special requirements of medical offices.

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Communicate Quickly with Courtesy Text™

Medical professionals need the ability to communicate with doctors, staff and patients quickly and easily for timely notifications and confirmations so all parties have up-to-the-minute information. Courtesy Text lets you send your important message to one or many people effortlessly, in writing and recorded precisely as a text message to their cell phone. It may be used to send confirmations to one or more patients; alerts to doctors on call; or notifications to all staff members simultaneously.

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Phone Systems for Spas and Wellness Centers

Providing the right customer experience at a spa, fitness or wellness center is paramount to the business’s success. At spas, customers seek a calming, serene environment to relieve their stress and get away for a time. Fitness and wellness centers may vary in "personality," but the successful ones have an atmosphere of positive well-being, encouragement and challenge in common. 

The experience for the customer begins long before they enter your doors however, with a phone call to inquire about your services, make an appointment or get directions. Alternate Access can help you be sure that your customers experience the best in a welcoming, professional introduction with our call handling and message on-hold features, while minimizing wait times for their calls to be answered. If your business has multiple locations, we can incorporate them with one IP-PBX phone system and Voice over IP to allow a consistent image for your company and seamless call control between locations.


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