Phone Systems for Florists

As a florist, your phone system is critical to your ability to deliver emotional gestures and expressions of hope, love, and sympathy around the corner and around the world. Florists use phone systems to conduct over 85% of their business. So a phone system that delivers premium service can distinguish you from your competitors. To compete, rapid response with a personal touch is both expected and demanded.  

Florist on Phone Call While Arranging Flowers

A florist’s phone system is critical not only to making a first impression with customers, but for creating customer loyalty and improving staff efficiency. Alternate Access customizes VoIP phone systems and addresses related florist communications needs. We provide florist phone systems for:


  • Florists with one flower shop
  • Florists who need to seamlessly link multiple locations together
  • Florists who use a floral call center approach
  • Florists and garden centers who do it all
  • Florists who specialize in wedding flowers, funeral flowers, wholesale flowers and selling flowers online 


Florist Phone Systems That Deliver Results

Improve Customer Loyalty and Repeat Sales. Ask Us How.


Empower Sales Staff. Ask Us How.

  • Access flower order fulfillment information immediately via phone system
  • Implement real-time call center training to enhance staff efficiency and increase flower sales
  • Put customer information at the fingertips of floral sales staff


Improve Management Resources. Ask Us How.

  • Enhance supervision and decision-making with florist call center reports
  • Simplify floral staff training for seasonal peaks
  • Receive updated flower delivery status from drivers in real-time


Grow Florist Shop Profits with Improved Sales Strategy Support. Ask Us How.

  • Use a phone system that handles more calls during peak times and seasonsFlorist Accepts Payment from Happy Customer
  • Increase revenues per flower order with on-hold up-selling
  • Prompt more orders with opt-in customer reminders of occasions or holiday specials
  • Track performance of advertisements
  • Implement a florist call center solution to manage remote stores and virtual agents


Learn more about the many ways VoIP phone systems helps florists improve workflow and operations efficiency.


Grow Your Florist Business with a VoIP Phone System

Florists can grow their businesses by choosing a VoIP phone system that is economical to expand and helps staff and management become more efficient. Alternate Access will help you determine the right match to meet current needs, while also providing flexibility to meet future business growth and needs. We have the expertise to choose the perfect VoIP phone system and related communication solutions to help your florist business grow. Our variety of VoIP phone systems include:

AastraLink Pro 160 – An Entry-Level Phone System Delivering the Power of VoIP to the Small Florist Business

Fonality trixbox® and PBXtra – A Hybrid-Hosted Phone System for the Small or Medium-Sized Florist Business

FloralProfitCenter™ for TeleVantage® – A Florist Phone System that Combines the Call Center Capabilities of TeleVantage with Our Integration of Florist CRM Applications

Wave IP 500 and 2500 – A Migration Option for Florists on Comdial or Vodavi Phone Systems

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Use Courtesy Text™ to Keep Customers Informed and Loyal

Standing out amidst the clutter of your competitors' advertising may seem daunting, but Alternate Access has a way to win that battle. Courtesy Text™ enables your florist business to provide a point-to-point method for reaching your customers. Directly from Florist Confirms Flower Delivery Via Text Message to Phoneyour flower shop computer to their pocket, purse, or hip — wherever their cell phone is stored — you can get your message to your customers.

Send a variety of customized messages, such as:

  • This text confirms that your flower order was delivered this morning.
  • Fresh daffodils are now in stock. Visit our store to purchase yours today.
  • Your anniversary is around the corner. Call us to place your special flower order today.
  • Vist our website to view this month's featured floral arrangement and get 10% off your order with code TXT22.

Courtesy Text lets you send your important message to one or many people, concisely and effortlessly, as a text message to their cell phones. Messages are composed and managed from a database application on your florist shop computer and sent straight to targeted cell phones.

Learn more about Courtesy Text.

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