Phones Systems for Financial Services

Exceptional quality of service and the personal touch are what distinguish your financial institution from other institutions.  Accordingly, you need a phone system that handles customers’ calls effectively and efficiently, allowing your staff to project professionalism and maintain customers’ trust that is such an integral part of your business. 

In an industry that still requires many forms to be reviewed and signed, Fax Servers are great tools to ensure that confidentiality is maintained and information can be archived easily.  Online conferencing tools provide the ability to mutually review and mark up documents without the hassle of spending time and money to travel.  These tools, particularly in combination will assure your customers that they have trusted the right organization to help manage their financial well-being—an organization that values their business—with each communication.


Phone Systems for Banks

Does your bank tout customer relationship management as a differentiator in your service?  What does that mean, really?  Are your account representatives available during the sale then disappear behind voice mail afterward?  Does their voice mail tell people to hang up and call the bank at another number?  How quickly do they get back to customers by phone and how do they prioritize new business from existing customers?  If these are issues that sound familiar, consider a solution that addresses every one of them.  Whether in the office or on the road, our IP-PBX system is an excellent solution for the Mobile Workforce.

Phone Systems for Credit Unions

As a membership organization, you want to be assured that your constituents receive the level of service they deserve.  Whether you implement an Auto Attendant or have all calls answered by a live agent, you need a phone system that handles members’ calls efficiently, getting them to the person or department they need quickly.  A phone system that allows your staff to project professionalism and maintain the member trust that is such an integral part of your business. 

Phone Systems Mortgage Companies

As a Mortgage professional, your business depends on building unique selling positions to differentiate your company from the rest.  Competition is intense and the ability to see and monitor calls in real time from a Desktop Client can be the key to increasing your transaction yield. 

Phone Systems for Accounting Firms

Successful accounting firms know that clients start to form opinions about the quality of the firm before they even speak to an accountant. By implementing an IP-PBX solution, you can drastically reduce the incidence of telephone tag, ensure you get to key Voice Mail messages quickly; even use Call Recording to capture important financial details of a conversation.  Fax servers help ensure client confidentiality and the ability to archive information from different origins for a single client.

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