Phone Systems for Auto Dealerships

Today's automotive consumer is savvy. With information about their prospective purchase literally at their fingertips via the web, customers come to your dealership more informed and prepared. Visits to multiple dealerships are still common and retaining mindshare once a prospect has left your dealership can be a challenge. Staying in touch by phone is an important element to making the sale, and a missed call can mean the difference between won or lost business.

After the sale dealerships build customer retention and loyalty based on the quality of their customer service in the garage and on the phone. With phones constantly ringing, sales and service representatives away from their desks, and the sounds of a busy garage in the background, pages can be easily missed, calls misdirected or lost and wait times can seem interminable. Dealerships need a communication tool that will optimally connect customers and prospects to the staff member they are trying to reach with seamless transfers and call routing. They also need to give customers access to routine information in an easy and efficient manner while minimizing wait and on-hold time.

Alternate Access provides a set of communication tools to ensure your dealership is accessible to both prospective buyers and long time customers. Track caller response from advertisements and flyers to determine which marketing tools are most effective in generating leads for your business. Automatically give customers access to routine information and route them to the appropriate departments. Ensure salespeople are accessible on the lot, during a demo or while in the showroom enable them to take calls whenever and wherever they are available. Store and manage customer faxes, e-mails and voice mails effortlessly in a single electronic folder for easy retrieval at a later time. Measure your Business Development Center productivity with pinpoint accuracy and make necessary adjustments in a timely manner.

Keep prospects informed of the availability of automobiles they have expressed interest in or advise customers that they have upcoming maintenance due on their vehicle by using a point-to-point communication method. Directly from your computer to their pocket, purse, or hip — wherever their cell phone is stored —get your message to your clients instantly and securely with Courtesy Text.

Courtesy Text lets you send your important message to one or many people, concisely and effortlessly, as a text message to their cell phone. Messages are composed and managed from a database application on your business computer and sent straight to targeted cell phones. Learn more about Courtesy Text.

Make your dealership stand out from the crowd by providing world-class, comprehensive customer care from initial contact to on-going customer care.

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