Improve Operations Efficiency at Your Florist Shop

FloralProfitCenter™ helps florists improve workflow by positively impacting most areas of daily flower shop operations. This VoIP phone system solution enables your staff to handle calls more efficiently, as well as allows you to collect statistics and map them with floral accounting, inventory and delivery functions. By doing so, FloralProfitCenter becomes a strategic asset to manage the growth and success of your florist business.


Handle Calls Faster with a Phone System Designed for Florists

  • View screen pops with incoming caller’s information
  • Queue callers for most appropriate agentSmiling Florist Call Center Agent Takes Order Over Phone
  • Prioritize VIP customers via phone system, taking their flower orders first and ensuring repeat business
  • Play cross-selling messages while customers are on hold

Access Accounts Receivable Information Faster

  • Know customer payment history before new flower order is placed
  • Automate outbound calls to notify customers of balances due
  • Readily report balances to incoming callers

Streamline Multi-Store Florist Businesses

  • Manage multiple florist shops through one call center
  • Collect statistics across all store locations

Manage Floral Call Center with Ease

  • Collect and review real-time statistics through phone system
  • Use call recording for tracking, as well as for training new floral sales agents
  • Identify call center trends and issues via historical call statistics

Relay Special Flower Order Requests Via Call RecordingFlorist Designs Bouquet

  • Forward call recording to floral design staff, indicating special instructions – directly from the customer’s mouth
  • Translate your customers’ sentiments into their “perfect” gifts every time
  • Be aware of customer satisfaction issues

Improve Flower Delivery Process

  • Drivers record flower delivery status via touchtone interface
  • Notify purchaser instantly via e-mail, text message or voice when flower delivery cannot be made

Enrich Florist Shop Marketing Efforts

  • Track performance of advertising investments via phone system
  • Track performance of e-mail blasts
  • Send specials to frequent flower purchasers

Heighten Forecasting Capabilities

  • Determine how many flower orders can be taken by phone
  • Schedule florist staff accurately based on historical advertising performance for flower specials and seasonal peaks

Increase Operations Tracking and ControlFlorist Delivery Man with Bouquet

  • Collect statistics on phone orders, including average length of time to take a flower order;  time lapsed from order placed to flower delivery; total number of phone calls fielded; and number of abandoned phone calls
  • Determine changes needed in number of phone lines or staff
  • Readily make moves, additions or changes to phone configuration

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