FloralProfitCenter™ for TeleVantage®

With our in-depth understanding of the floral business, Alternate Access has created the FloralProfitCenter™ phone system solution for florists. FloralProfitCenter combines the call center capabilities of a TeleVantage™ phone system with industry-specific knowledge, software and applications to yield a comprehensive approach to efficient phone call handling, customer service, phone call tracking and reporting, and employee training for florist shops.

There's no better time to grow your florist business and your profits – as well as prepare for your next peak selling cycle.

Grow Florist Shop Profits

FloralProfitCenter is your one-stop communications center for making your agents more productive and your callers more satisfied. Florists can be confident that every inbound phone call is answered promptly and routed appropriately.

  • Control when and how to implement special phone system features, such as priority handling for VIP callers or broadcasting limited-time offers through message on hold.
  • Use FloralProfitCenter to proactively measure the effectiveness of advertising campaigns, allowing you to make better informed decisions on your marketing investments.
  • Activate point-and-click phone number dialing and screen-pops that work with yourcontactdatabases by integrating florist CRM applications – such as RTI,Mercury, and MAS®.

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Grow Business

FloralProfitCenter unites today’s most flexible, smart, and professional software-based phone technology with the specific needs and requirements of the florist industry. Alternate Access works with you to identify those areas in your florist business where your phone system’s capabilities can translate into optimal performance and efficient operations.

Trim costs associated with flower order taking and fulfillment. Measure results with customized reports. Seamlessly add new florist shop locations. Enjoy real-time flower delivery status.

Whatever your goals, FloralProfitCenter puts you in a proactive position to accelerate the growth of your florist business.

Grow Repeat Flower Sales

Successful florists know that customers start to form opinions about the quality of their business before they even speak to an agent. FloralProfitCenter helps shape those opinions faster.

  • Shorten the overall time it takes to place a flower order over the phone without sacrificing quality or customer care.
  • Play personalized prompts to identified VIP customers or to those who enter a customer number.
  • Have flexible prompts change as callers wait on hold, relating how many calls are ahead of them in the queue, what the estimated wait time is, or any custom message you record.
  • Allow more phone order throughput. More flower orders in less time yields higher profits for you!

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