Voice over IP (VoIP)

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is the ability to pass telephone voice over Local Area Networks, Wide Area Networks and the Internet. VoIP offers reduced costs for installation and maintenance of phone equipment. It also enables you to seamlessly provide telephone coverage to remote locations and home offices at a fraction of the cost of provisioning dedicated lines or tie lines. In addition, VoIP providers and private networks also offer opportunities to reduce communication costs by consolidating phone lines and bypassing tolls.


The key to the successful implementation of VoIP is successful converged communications on the data network. A thorough understanding of each element of the data infrastructure and applications must be in place to identify and correct bottle necks. When implemented properly, there is no noticeable change in voice quality or the speed in placing calls. However, there is perpetual good news in reduced cost of operations and support. And more information is able to pass through the more robust infrastructure.

Alternate Access offers premise-based and hybrid-hosted Voice over IP phone solutions. These offerings, from entry-level to more feature-rich functionality, unlock the hidden potential in your communication system, helping your people and your business work more responsively, productively and profitably.

Alternate Access is an authorized reseller for Vertical Communications™, Fonality® and Aastra phone systems and other communication vendors in the VoIP market.




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