Voice Mail

Over the last 10 years, Voice Mail has become a mainstay for commercial phone systems. If a caller is unable to reach you, they want to leave the intended recipient a detailed, often confidential message, not be dependent on someone else delivering your message on a pink note pad.


Alternate Access phone system offerings go a step further and enable you to handle the most important voicemails first. When a customer leaves a voice message, employees can listen to the messages according to their importance, not just the order in which the calls were received. Our full-featured voice mail systems are included in the price of the PBX. That means there are no additional ports to buy or costs to incur.


Manage Voice Mail Effortlessly

In addition to being able to manage your messages via the telephone; you can also handle your voice mail via your PC. Your voice messages are displayed visually in a graphical user interface (GUI), identified by the caller's name or number, so you can prioritize your messages and your time. Play them over your phone or PC speakers. No more writing down phone numbers to call back just click a button to return the call.

With support for Microsoft Exchange®, Outlook®, and Lotus® Notes, unify your messages in your e-mail inbox, viewing e-mail alongside your voice mail. Forward messages to any e-mail address or your phone system with attached notes, and reply as needed. Worried about important messages languishing unheard? TeleVantage can alert you by e-mail or pager whenever you receive a new message, including caller ID, so you know who called without even listening.

Full-Featured Voice Mail*

  • Visual voice mail display with caller name
  • Click to reply forward or call back a message
  • Export voice mail to .WAV file to be used in other systems or emailed to anyone
  • Password security and enforceable rules
  • Screen messages as they are being left with the ability to pull out of voice mail and answer while the caller is leaving a message
  • Bookmark part of a message so you don't have to listen to the whole message again and again just to get the phone number
  • Callers can specify a callback number to be easily dialed with a click of a button
  • Personalize greetings for VIP callers or for different times of the day
  • E-mail/pager/call out notification when a new message arrives
  • Voice mail can be delivered to unified e-mail inbox
  • Microsoft Exchange Synchronization

* Contact Alternate Access to find out which features are available in a given phone system brand.

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