Telephones and Headsets

Our products are open system designed and can support a wide variety of telephone sets on the market. Phones are equipped with Caller ID displays, programmable function buttons, message waiting lights, full-duplex speakers and headset jacks.


Friendly, voice-guided menus incorporated in all Alternate Access phone systems provide each system with a standard interactive menu to allow users to access voice mail. Users can also store, forward, delete or respond to voice messages, as well as use simple key presses to transfer calls, create conferences, record calls, etc.

Some phone offerings take it a step further and provide a Telephone User Interface (TUI) – a voice-guided menu for call handing functions (transfer, conference, park, etc.) alleviating the need to remember complex codes or have access to the Desktop Client.  The “friendly voice” is always there to guide users through menu choices when needed.

Select offerings allow even remote users, such as salespeople, to use the feature-rich menu from a cell phone to access advanced functions such as call routing and personal status that inform callers of the user’s status at any given time.

Bluetooth® and Traditional Headsets

As a service to our existing customers, Alternate Access offers commercial quality headsets. We are an authorized dealer for Jabra/GN® and Plantronics® headsets. These two companies make up 96% of the commercial market and provide innovative, high-quality solutions for both secure wireless and corded hands-free applications. Whether your needs are for corded, wireless, Bluetooth® or binaural sets; whether you need a headset in the car or in the call center, we can recommend and deliver the right headset for you business.

Read more about headsets in our feature article here.


Learn About Our Headset Vendors:

Jabra® Headsets

Jabra/GN (Formerly GN Netcom) is the global leader in personal communications devices, providing innovative, high-quality solutions for both secure wireless and corded hands-free applications with a focus on call center, office and mobile markets. Alternate Access is an authorized reseller of GN Jabra products.

Plantronics® Headsets

In 1969, Plantronics headsets carried the first words from the moon. Now they make mission critical headsets for everyone. Plantronics has been the leading manufacturer of lightweight headset products encompassing all aspects of the process from design to marketing.

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