Speech Recognition

For certain applications, speech is the ultimate user interface.  Alternate Access provides best of breed speech engines that understand natural language utterances in several languages and others that provide the ability to convert free formed text to naturally sounding spoken language.

Speech Engines have evolved to a level of accuracy and reliability such that many applications can now work with natural language.  However, to be successful, applications must be properly designed.  Speech based applications need to be engineered with both pre- and post- data processing to achieve success. 

Alternate Access’ professional services help our customers design their voice response applications to take best advantage of the capabilities of speech recognition and to ensure the utmost in speech recognition throughput.


Text to Speech

These applications allow callers to hear free form text read to them by phone.  From applications that confirm the content of orders, names and addresses to applications that read email over the phone, text-to-speech technology offers a vital capability to providing the complete circle of universal access applications.  Although natural sounding applications are important, the most important measure of application throughput is its intelligibility [the ease in which the system can understand and be understood].

Alternate Access offers professional services to help our customers design their application to fully exploit the capabilities of Text-to-Speech and provide the utmost in intelligibility.

Nuance® Speech Recognition Software

Nuance's market leading speech recognition software is one of the most accurate, scalable and reliable products on the market. Nuance is also the leading provider of voice authentication software used by leading companies including banks, insurance providers, telecommunications service providers and government agencies to safely and securely meet the needs of their customers. And Nuance's text-to-speech offering addresses the need to deliver dynamic information over the phone. It's simply the highest quality text-to-speech software on the market today and can cost effectively deliver all the advantages of new generation text-to-speech to your business.

LumenVox® Speech Recognition Software

LumenVox is a speech recognition company with over a decade of telephony experience developing a suite of speech recognition software that provides all the tools and support needed to build complex speech applications.


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