Conference Call Manager for IP-PBX

Many legacy PBX systems do not support conferencing. As such, customers frequently use expensive hosted conferencing services from Application Service Providers. Conference calls, particularly those that incorporate Web Collaboration, are more efficient to do than face-to-face meetings. Therefore, many companies are now looking for a solution they can own.

A conference manager is an application that allows conference calls to be set-up using the internal phone system resources. With our IP PBX solutions, Alternate Access offers a premise-based solution where conference calls can be set-up by individual users, a system concierge, or a fully automated IVR application. Alternate Access conferencing solutions will provide crystal clear voice quality, call recording and ease of use.


Alternate Access offers professional services to analyze your current usage and opportunities to expand productivity with system with a fixed cost and no per use fees.

Conference Call Manager Features:

  • Conference up to 60 parties; have an unlimited number of conference rooms.
  • Conduct multiple conference calls simultaneously in different conference "rooms."
  • Automatically route callers to a particular conference room, or verbally prompt them to enter a conference room's ID.
  • Schedule conference rooms to be available all the time or only on a certain date for a limited amount of time.
  • Optionally require password entry to a conference.
  • Create moderated conferences where only the moderator can speak and other callers are muted.
  • Manage and view conference participants.
  • See who was in a conference and for how long.
  • Announce how many participants are in conference as you enter a room.


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