Call Centers - Phone Systems Supporting Your Core Business

Creating a powerful full-featured call center has never been easier than with Alternate Access’ IP-PBX solutions from Vertical and Fonality. The intuitive queue-based interfaces let you define parameters for each queue individually. Choose whether calls are distributed to agents by top-down, round-robin, or performance-based algorithms. Learn more about queues in our recent article.

Prepare for heavy-volume periods by defining multiple tiers of overflow agents, who are called when all lower tiers are busy for a period you define. Keep waiting customers online with hold messages that can play once, repeat, or change based on wait time or other queue conditions.

Hold music is variable by queue. You can offer callers the option to transfer out of hold to leave voicemail, cutting down on abandoned calls. Prompt waiting callers to enter information, such as an advertising ID number, that alters their hold experience and gets passed to agents.


Use call priority to recognize important callers and bump them to a higher place in the queue. When the call is answered, improve quality with automatically-activated call recording that you can set up for a particular agent and/or the queue as a whole.

Enable your business to implement a powerful, affordable call center to drive revenues and deliver superior customer service. Alternate Access offers a solution for small business call centers that incorporates a sophisticated feature set.

Alternate Access’ IP-PBX Solution Offers these Call Center Features:

  • IP telephony to enable Web-based call centers and support agents working remotely
  • Voice-over-IP toll bypass to reduce costs
  • Intelligent call management, queuing, and agent training features
  • Comprehensive trend analysis reporting
  • Real-time statistic monitoring


Learn More About IP-PBX Call Centers. Contact Alternate Access.