Phone System Auto Attendants

Every time a customer reaches your automated phone-answering system, your reputation is on the line. Project a professional image with auto attendants that give callers the consideration they demand and provide one-button access to a live agent.



Auto Attendant Features*:

  • Choose whether your business uses live receptionist or auto attendant answering and easily switch between them at any time.
  • Auto attendants are transparent to direct-dial (DID), so you can use the same trunk for direct calls to a private number and callers who will dial an extension.
  • Place different auto attendants on different trunks, so you can offer different customer services for different incoming phone numbers.
  • Schedulable auto attendants let you automatically change greetings and call routing based on time of day or specific dates such as holidays.
  • Built-in dial-by-name directory lets callers look up users by entering their name using their telephone keys. The dial-by-name directory may be based on first name, last name or both.
  • Users can be exempted from the dial-by-name directory, so callers can't dial them by name.
  • Clickable audio controls to record greetings, messages, and menu prompts.
  • Record auto attendant messages off-site or professionally and easily import them into your auto attendants.
  • Auto attendants can pass visual data to users based on caller choice.
  • Customizable options for when callers make no selection, such as repeating the menu, transferring to an Operator or to voice mail.
  • Fax tone detection automatically routes incoming faxes to your fax station.

* Contact Alternate Access to find out which features are available in a given phone system brand.

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