Office and Organization Phone System Administration

Managing a traditional phone system can be intimidating, tedious and costly. As organizations are required to be more and more nimble, shifting resources and staff responsibilities, a phone system that puts control back in the hands of the customer is a tremendous asset for your business.

Alternate Access phone systems do just that with their easy to learn, easy to navigate administration functions.

The intuitive Windows-based phone system administrators give you onscreen access to all system administration functions from any PC on the network or by remote network log on. Point and click to add new trunks and extensions, customize auto attendants, and determine call flow. Grant or revoke dialing permissions and user settings such as mailbox size and password length by individual or class-of-service group.


Unlike phone systems that must be shut down to make modifications, our offerings allow you to make moves, adds and changes on the fly while the system is up and running. You never have to spend nights at the office or interrupt users' vital communications services for basic maintenance.

Monitor the Phone System

  • Check the status of all trunks and stations
  • Check amount of system resources used for voice messages and greetings
  • Review real-time contact center statistics for agents and queues

Modify and Create

  • Add new users
  • Assign permissions to users
  • Change settings individually or en masse [e.g. size of all voicemail boxes in a given department]

Call History

Track history of any call from "cradle to grave" -- trunks used, announcements played, wait time -- to ensure quality assurance in your business communications.

When you do need vendor support to make a substantial configuration change, Alternate Access is just a phone call or email away.  Most adjustments can be made via remote access to your system and we can get you back to the business of running your business right post haste.

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