• Administration

    Our phone systems provide easy to learn, easy to navigate administration functions that ensure you flexibility and control to meet changing communication requirements in your business.

  • Auto Attendant

    Project a professional image with comprehensive, multilevel auto attendants that give callers the consideration they demand and provide one-button access to a live agent.

  • Call Centers

    Creating a powerful, full-featured call center has never been easier than with Alternate Access' IP-PBX solutions.

  • Call Recording

    Call recording helps businesses to improve their quality of service, document critical details and train employees in proper phone techniques.

  • Conference Call Management

    Alternate Access offers a variety of solutions where conference calls can be set up by individual users, a system concierge, or a fully automated IVR application.

  • Desktop Client

    The Desktop Client is your user window to all telephone communication.

  • Management Tools

    Our phone systems give management the software technology they need to make agents more productive and callers more satisfied.

  • Speech Recognition

    Alternate Access provides best of class speech engines that understand natural language utterances in several languages.

  • Telephones & Headsets

    Our products are open system designed and can support a variety of telephone sets and headsets on the market.

  • Voice Mail

    Our solutions offer full-featured voice mail systems included in the price of the PBX. That means that there are no additional ports to buy or costs to incur.

  • VoIP - Voice Over IP

    Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is the ability to pass telephone voice over Local Area Networks, Wide Area Networks and the Internet.  VoIP offers reduced costs for installation and maintenance of phone equipment.

The IP-PBX Feature Set

Alternate Access business phone systems have the depth and breadth of features and functionality for businesses of three to 350 employees at a given site. Our IP-PBX feature sets are unparalleled in their range of built-in alternatives to meet the unique needs of individual businesses.

Whether you are tech-savvy or a traditional phone user, Alternate Access offers a solution for you. The easy point-and-click administration feature allows you to move, add or change users on the fly without timely and costly service calls. Our systems will work with a variety of telephone sets for those who consider themselves "phone only" users, but, for the more tech savvy, the Desktop Client allows you to look your voice mail "in the eye" and manage your calls by pointing and clicking, as you would with any software application. And traveling employees can take advantage of cost saving VoIP features that turn a laptop into a soft phone.

In addition to powerful auto attendants, small to medium sized businesses can take advantage of call center functionality to streamline customer interactions. There are many phone system management tools as well, like monitor, coach and join, as well as management reporting tools. There are a multitude of other features that aid staff productivity such as office call recording, speech recognition, and conference call management. And the easy to learn phone system administration gives your business the control it needs to grow and change at your pace, rather than being held captive to your phone system vendor’s capabilities or support limitations.

We could go on and on…click on a phone system Feature to learn more about it.